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Copyright ©  2019 création by Anany

My Selections


Decorating my home

With Art!

Art Discovering

Art invites itself

at the heart


your home

You're about to discover showers of fireworks bursting in multicoloured sparks!


Treat yourself with joy

and illuminate the ambience at home, personalize your interior decoration

by choosing your

UNIQUE work of art,

signed and registered.




Visiting my studio

The magic of the place !

I create stones

Let yourself be carried

away by the richness of its colours, sublimated by the matter used.

It's at the core of my workshop that

I give birth to my dream stones,

Genesis Dream Stone

by artist ANANY


Feel free to discover the magic of this place. The use of a technical process takes on all its importance in

my artistic creation.


The stone of dreams

I try to go back in time.

My dream goes further than legends, that's why I create stone. That medium, which men leave their memories, their engravings, their prints on.

« Genesis Dream Stone »

expresses the making of the stone of dreams ; it becomes a glittering fresco where spirituality is linked with our earth as well as with

the cosmos.

Genesis  Dream  Stone

Lo! A myriad stars have been born!



Colours rime with mood, so

I choose MY stone !