My Selections

A careful packaging

Elegance & Refinement

The Dream Stones are precious 

And I made a point of displaying them in a fine case.


Each piece is a unique work of art which represents its own history.


It deserves to be carefully wrapped because it’s about to travel to reach you !


I selected tissue papers

manufactured in France,

satiny ribbons,

Manilla paper,

and I sealed the display case.


You will discover the present at home !


A safe transport


Delivery & Reliability

The work is strongly fixed in its original box.

Set and wedged into place with Manilla paper in a cardboard box compatible with pallet transportation.

It is of primary importance to take care of the parcel during transportation.


I decided to collaborate with an international transport company.


5 good reasons


- Follow-up of the parcel

- door-to-door delivery

- the parcel is not delivered

   at a collection site

- 3 delivery notices

- Delivery only with signature


The certificate of authenticity

Signed « Anany »

At the heart of the display case, the Dream Stone and its certificate signed with my fingerprint.


From now on… please keep the latter in a safe place, for I will not be able to provide you with a duplicate.

It is THE proof of its authenticity.

There’s a single copy.



I select my artwork



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Chaque oeuvre d’Anany est unique.

C’est retrouver un peu d’humain et partager un sentiment d’harmonie.

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