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© Anany   © Pierre de rêve    © Genensis Dream Stone

Copyright ©  2019 création by Anany

My Selections

The stone

of dreams

"Aux Portes de la Provence"

I am inspired by the splendour of this place.

At the very heart of my artist's workshop there was born a star :

I create and invent the ©Genesis Dream Stone !

The extraordinary is revealed

in the genesis of these mini mineral universes looking like stars.

Their texture inlaid with gold reflects light,

thus offering ranges of subtle colours with vivid tonalities.

Visualize these works in an interior decoration perspective.

As to colours : let yourself be inspired by the coloured world

of powdery pink, cosmic blue, bright red, jet black etc.

Colours rime with mood, so I choose MY stone !

By its magic, the contemporary, abstract work illuminates your home :

art invites itself there.

Offering dream with elegance, just like a precious jewel :

the ©Genesis Dream Stone are presented in an elegant, refined casket.

Welcome at,

an Abstract Art exhibition... « in the open ! »