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Copyright ©  2019 création by Anany

My Selections

Texture & colours

The genesis of Dream stones

At the origin of Time!

On a journey of hundreds

of miles through time,

long before man, farther back than the age of the Earth, traces of human experience aggregate in my

“dream stones”

It's a work aiming at restoring matter, that's why I created and invented

Genesis Dream Stone.




Surrounded with vines and olive-trees!

“I love this place!

It is here that the initial gestures of creation begin. Surrounded with my vines, this poetic location carries my artist's soul into another dimension"

The gestures of creation

A perfectly controlled technique!

A starry universe

A very delicate affair!

Like the alchemist, I create a sophisticated mixture of noble substances. Precious metals such as gold, silver, copper... meet there with vegetable elements.


 They mix and mingle so that each gets inlaid in the general structure, which is so thin that it seems to have only two dimensions, so light that it seems to be designed to find its place at the heart of a starlit sky.

Zooming on precious matter

Genuine gold and natural clay!

The combination of an expertise and the right gestures, and a perfectly controlled technique, which is kept secret.

Colour and matter

I lay successive

layers of vegetable pigments, organic colours, ashes,

vine shoots, oxides from

all round the world,

precious ores:

gold, silver, copper,


A finely concocted coating, congealed with resin, will remain fixed for all eternity. The patterns are made according to my inspiration: they look like small colourful nuggets or on the contrary suggest giant planets.


My creation, a concentrate of light in a little piece of stone.


Embedded colour

Colourful edifices!

A colourful world

Magnificence of colours in the midst of a particoloured universe, my palette abounds in superb colours with bright tonalities!

The harmonious soberness of monochromes with a variety of shades, the energy of a saffron-tinted orange, a blue suggestive of peace, a red full of vitality, a buttercup yellow, a tender, loving pink, the green of hope!

I am filled with bliss, my artist's soul is enthralled by the feeling that the power of colour brings one.

Like the boundless universe, the sheer harmony of colours which severally become diamond nuggets. How light focuses on a piece of stone !

A myriad stars have been born and will mutiply in the firmament.

They are my dream stones 

signed :


The genesis of dream stones created, invented by ANANY